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Welcome to the Revive '21 video archive! Now is your chance to stay grounded by watching (and rewatching!) all of the conference sessions. To find the resources mentioned during each session, tap "Resources" below.

Friday Afternoon

Friday afternoon at Revive ’21, Nancy encouraged us to be Grounded in Christ with a message from Colossians. Then Kim Cash Tate challenged us that the only way to be truly grounded is to cling to the Lord and His Word.

Friday Evening

Dannah Gresh began Friday evening’s session by highlighting four qualities of the church in Acts 2, reminding us that we desperately need to be grounded in community. In the final message of the night, Chris Brooks shared from 1 Peter 1 a powerful hope in which we can be grounded: it’s in our trials that the genuineness of our faith will be revealed—and we can glorify God, even in suffering.

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