"Continue in the faith, stable and steadfast,
not shifting from the hope of the gospel."
Colossians 1:23

It's time to get grounded.

“All that is earthly, no matter how impressive it may be or how enduring it may seem, it’s all going to come to an end. What are you trusting in? When the world around us crumbles, will you be able to stand firm and hopeful and joyful and patient in tribulation because you’re being held by the God who cannot be shaken?”
~Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, founder of
Revive Our Hearts

The storms of our age are taking a toll. In the midst of this tumultuous season, you need to get grounded.

That’s why we’re bringing you our Revive ’21 Conference, Grounded: Standing Firm in a Shaking World. Through worship, prayer, and messages, you’ll be challenged to get grounded:

  • In Christ
  • In the gospel
  • In God’s love
  • In your design
  • In trials
  • In community
  • In God’s Word

Come to Revive ’21 and let the roots of your faith grow deeper into the soil of God’s Truth. As you hear from steadfast women of faith and open God’s enduring Word, you’ll be reminded that you can stand firm in a shaking world.